"transsmitten", sound installation & performance, Collega, 2023

Sound installation and performance as part of the group exhibition ORIFICECORE at Collega, Copenhagen with Fabiana Faleiros, Matilda Tjäder and Maja Malou Lyse. Curated by Collega and Fuxia 2. 
16.02 - 27.04 2023
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transmitten (2023) is a sound landscape permeating the space outside the gallery via transducers. It’s also the name of a performance that took place at 20.33 on April 25, 2023 between a narrated story and a soundscape. 

“In order to transmit a signal the coordinates need to be right. For this performance, it needs to be at the exact moment the sun sets on Tuesday, April 25; 20.33. ‘It’s a nice number’, a friend writes in a message. It’s also the exact moment the smilodons - also known as the saber-toothed tigers - awake from their taxidermied state in the Geological Museum. Held in a joint metal chain, the pair are guided by a figure with a flickering pocket lamp that takes them through the museum. ‘Let’s go for a walk!’. (This footnote is shorthand for restless legs.) As they are guided past artifacts upon artifacts their ears get increasingly pointy. To state the obvious - signals are a matter of conveying information. Yet there is a whole timewheel that separates us from them.Stating the limitations - there is a whole timewheel that separates us. One could say, the importance of horror is to stage the limitations. Here is a concrete formula; the dinner table has been emptied and all we have left is the toast. What is shorthand for enigma is poetics”