Matilda Tjäder is an artist building fictional worlds via text, sound, performance and moving image. In her work she develops experimental environments where the familiar interfaces with the unknown, the individual with the collective, and memories with the absence of sentience. By plugging into existing infrastructures she takes great pleasure in revising their invisible protocols and designs via storytelling, ambient installations and absurd scenarios. She is a resident at Retreat Radio with the monthly broadcast “Scaling” and the eponomyous concert-series taking place across locations in Malmö.  

Matilda holds an MA in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London (2018).

Contact: / bandcamp / instagram / soundcloud 


2023   live @ Margaretapaviljongen as part of “Scaling : Kafé”, Malmö, SE 
2023   performance as part of “Country Music presents” at Doom Spa, Berlin, DE
2023   DJ/live at Whose Museum, Intonal Festival x Kiosk Radio, Malmö, SE
2023   performance at Collega, Copenhagen, DK
2023    live at Mayhem, Copenhagen, DK
2023   “Scaling: moonlit”, live performance as part of “RH Outlet” (Retreat Radio & Hypnos), Hypnos Theatre, Malmö, SE
2023    envelopes, performance with Yen Chun Lin as part of “spelling the wind without words”, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, SE
2022    Drift (In)between, Performance, ICA, London, UK
2022    Live @ Inkonst, invited by Malmö Konstmuseum as part of “Meeting Point”  
2022    Concert as part of “Scaling (café edition)” w. Retreat Radio, Café Margaretapaviljongen, Malmö, SE
2022    “Clones”, concert and album launch, Ashley, Berlin, DE  
2022    “Clones”, performance, Norbergfestivalen, SE2022    “Have you ever tried, dreaming with someone else?”, sound/reading as part of “Amatter”, Cittipunkt, Berlin, DE 
2022     concert, 13 vents, Chapelle Notre Dame de la Salette, Marseille, FR 
2022     “Clones”, concert, Inkonst, Malmö, SE2022     “Clones”, concert,  rile*, Brussels, BE 
2022     “Clones”, album release and concert, San Seriffe, Amsterdam, NL 
2020     “Wishing for More: City’s” Schloss Salon, Berlin, DE
2019     “Wishing for More: It was me and we were three”, Fondazione Pini, Milan, IT
2019     “Wishing for More: The Clone or The Mirror to Her Soul”, Jupiter Woods, London, UK
2019     “Wishing for More: The Double, Shadow, and Enemy pt. II: The Notebook Episode”, LACA (Los Angeles Contemporary Archive), Los Angeles, USA
2019     “Wishing for More: The Double, Shadow, and Enemy”, LAABF at  The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, USA
2019    “Knots”, with Alex Pierce, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK
2019     “Wishing for More: The Ghostwriter and the Lipservant”, Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels, BE
2018     “Wishing for More: The Dreamer and The Doer”, Clearview, London, UK
2018     “Wishing for More: The Tamer, The Charmer, The Terraformer”, Cell Project Space, London, UK
2018     “Wishing for More”, as part of Low Motion at Amager Minigolf Strand, Copenhagen, DK
2017     Puffy Grip Logic performative book launch with Monika Januleviciute, Martin Kohout and Zygimantas Kudirka, Fotograf Festival, Prague, CZ
2016     “A Semla in Three Acts”, with Sanna Helena Berger, Jupiter Woods, London, UK
2015     “Index 19: Human Interference Task Force”, Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm,
2014    “Slippery Slides, Tactical Tensions”, as part of “Chora - an event around writing”, FORDE, Geneva, CH, 2014


2023   “wind”, 14 minute Valentine’s Mix for LACA (Los Angeles Contemporary Archive), LA, USA
2022  “Scaling #4: a a a the auditory apophenia-mix”, Retreat Radio, Malmö, SE
2022   “Slumberland”, OST with Daniel Tjäder
2022   “The Strait Trilogy”, OST
2022   “Scaling #2: because, pulse”, Retreat Radio, Malmö, SE
2022  “Scaling #1: kissalude”, Retreat Radio, Malmö, SE
2022   “fly my time like an arrow”, mix for Ola Radio, Marseille, FR
2022   “Scaling”, monthly residency on Retreat Radio, Malmö, SE
2022    “dancing with ambiguity”, mix for Retreat Radio, Malmö, SE 
2022    “Clones”, album, 2022
2022     “Clones”, streaming website & album, HTSU Cooperative, Amsterdam, NL
2022    Broadcast on Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, Amsterdam, NL
2021     Guest on IendI’s show on domes_fm, London, UK 
2021     Sonata (Matilda Tjäder edit), for Sanna Helena Berger’s album “A Movement”, Cherche Encore, London, UK
2021     “Tales from Beneath Episode #22: The spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life pt. 2”, Tales from Beneath on, Berlin, DE
2021     “Tales from Beneath Episode #21: The spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life pt. 1”,, Berlin, DE
2021     INFO UNLTD. feat Schloss Salon, Cashmere Radio, Berlin, DE
2020     “Music for 1 Piano and 4 Hands”, four-hand piano album with Alex Pierce, ArachHE, UK
2020     “Thou who holds but owns not”, sound poetry, compiled by Adrienne Herr, TLTRPress, Berlin, DE
2020     Soundtrack for “The Strait”
2020     Reverie, with Living Gatlato, Threads Radio, London, UK
2020     Haunted Diskette <3, Montez Press Radio, NYC, USA
2019     Yem Gel w/ Matilda Tjäder, NTS Radio, London, UK
2018, London, UK (online)
2018     Shell Like’s Listening Hour #5: Our Fuming Lips Make A New Mirage, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK
2018     Shell Like’s Listening Hour #4: The Mouth Takes A Bite Out Of This Cruel Summer, LUX Moving Image, London, UK
2016     72hrs radio broadcast, with Felix Riemann, Antiuniversity, London, UK


2023     “Regementsgatan”, curated by UGO, Malmö, SE
2023    “ORIFICECORE”, curated by collega + Fuxia 2, Copenhagen, DK 
2021     “Cities for Free”, with Asta Lynge, screening as part of Copenhagen Architecture Festival, Cinemateket, Copenhagen, DK  
2021     “City’s”, with Ewa Awe, Sweetwater, Berlin, DE
2020     “Stroissmüller”, Tre Kronor, Stockholm, SE
2020     “Country Music presents The Hum”, EKA Gallerii, Tallinn, EE
2019     “Nome d’us”, Shore Gallery, Vienna, AT
2019     “The future is unthinkable, yet here we are thinking it”, Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels, BE
2018     “Isadora”, MoHA, Texas, USA
2018     “Make it Hot. Cool it Down. Turn it Over.” with Anna Mikkola as Human Interference Task Force (HITF), TopSoil, London, UK
2017     “We’re All Involved in This Mess”, with Anna Mikkola as Human Interference Task Force (HITF), Enclave, London, UK
2017     “Den sista människan - en kritisk revy om eskatologiska föreställningar”, with Anna Mikkola as Human Interference Task Force (HITF), Teater Tribunalen, Stockholm, SE
2016     “Width, Gap, Infinitude”, with Anna Mikkola as Human Interference Task Force (HITF), Minibar, Stockholm, SE
2016     “Resident/Longshore Drift”, Sorbus, Helsinki, FI
2015     “NeverWinter: BorderLands”, Dragon’s Lair, Stockholm, SE
2015     “Tower Show: EGG”, FMR: Boklund Tower, Malmö, SE
2014     “biotic/abiotic”, with Anna Mikkola as Human Interference Task Force (HITF), Gallery Apart, Rome, IT 


2023    “Waterfall”, short fiction 
2022     “here, a nut falls twice I a drop of a cloud landing”, private campsite near Vilnius, LT 
2022     TLTRPreß 77th Anniversary (in dog years), a.p., Berlin, DE
2021     “Putting the Garden to Sleep”, manuscript co-authored with Olof Runsten, Inkonst, Malmö
2021     “Putting the Garden to Sleep”, manuscript co-authored with Olof Runsten, Skogen, Gothenburg, SE
2020     “Host”, co-authored with Nikhil Vettukattil, publication, Country Music
2020     “The Göönk House”, reading as part of “Housewarming - The Closing Event”, Le Bourgeois/3236RLS, London, UK
2019     “Wishing for More: The Greenhouse”, online, platform 
2019     “It was me and we were three: Wishing for More”, publication contribution, SINK Volume II: Texts
2018     Untitled, Reading as part of Semipermeable: Contemporary Literary Morphologies organized by William Kherbek, Burley Fisher Books, London, UK
2017     Key Cutter Series #1: Puffy Grip Logic, contributor and co-founder of book series, Fotograf Festival and TLTRPreß
2017     “On Seed Capsules”, co-authored with Emilia Thorin, Caderno Sesc_Videobrasil 12 | METAFLUXUS, 2017
2017     “Morphomimetic”, co-authored with Anna Mikkola, Ø, Corsica Studios, London, UK
2017     “Four Seasons”, text and booklet co-authored with Nikhil Vettukattil, as part of the group exhibition “Vivaldi was the day you get were in town and I can just meet him” at Penarth Center, London, UK
2017     “NON STANDARD: Human and technological mediations with surrounding environments”, press release for ”Non Standard”, group exhibition at t-space, Milan, IT
2017     “Seasons”, exhibition text for “Future Fictions” curated by Mattia Giussani, Assembly Point, London, UK
2016     Mould Map 4: Eurozone Special, conversation with Ingo Niermann about his Solution Series, published by Sternberg Press
2016     “8 Pillars of Trust, 7 Pillars of Wisdom”, text contribution to Anna Sagström’s solo exhibition at Garret Grimmoire, Vienna, AT
2016     Cultivated Code: A Trip To Stonehenge, Jupiter Woods, London, UK
2016     “A as in Amphisbaena”, reading at Horse & Pony, Berlin, DE


2022-   “Scaling”,  concert-series  in Malmö, SE 
2021     WorldPride Performance Program, with Emilia Thorin, Folkets Park, Malmö, SE 
2020     Housewarming - The Closing Event, 3236RLS / Le Bourgeois, London, UK
2014–2017     Minibar Stockholm, non-profit gallery, co-curator with Anna Sagström, Stockholm, SE
2013–2015     Waves of Direction, curatorial platform, with Hanna Nilsson


2022    Sven and Ellida Hjort’s Exhibition Grant 


2023    “Experimentell musikscen intar Margaretapaviljongen”, Sydsvenskan
2022    “Crystal memories & twilight beings: reflecting on post-summer solstice encounters at Norbergfestival with a speculative response by oxi pëng in collaboration with Marijn Degenaar”, AQNB
2021     “Matilda Tjäder, Nikhil Vettukattil & DÆMON on simulating the breakdown of memory & feeling on ‘Host’ for Country Music”, AQNB
2021     “Förtrollande vila i skogen”,
2017     “A last zone of being before departure into elsewhere.” Minibar say goodbye with lightness + share their most memorable projects, AQNB
2017     “Sma modeller av oändligheten”, Kunstkritikk


2022    Rupert, as part of the collective “Here, a nut falls twice”, Vilnius, LT
2019     LACA (Los Angeles Contemporary Archive), Los Angeles, USA
2018     web residency on
2016     Jupiter Woods, London, UK
2015     HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Program), with Anna Mikkola, Helsinki, FI


2023     Artist talk & collective reading, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, SE
2022     “Clones & Ghosts” in conversation with Sami Hammana on sonic fiction etc., Rib, Rotterdam, NL
2022    “Designing  Fictional Worlds”, presentation as part of Post Design Festival, Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm, SE 
2021     “Cities for Free”, with Asta Lynge, panel discussion as part of Copenhagen Architecture Festival, Cinemateket, Copenhagen, DK
2019     Artist Talk at LACA (Los Angeles Contemporary Archive), LA, USA 


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