“Wishing for More: Stories”, Tre Kronor, Stockholm, 2020

Video and installation as part of the group exhibition “Stroismüller” 

With Renaud Jerez, Lap-See Lam, Tore Wallert, Sophie Gogl, Gustav Wideberg, Hélène Fauquet, Matilda Tjäder, Ivo Kiuskalaas, Léo Bachiri Wadimoff, Elis Eriksson, & Ira Shalit

Tre Kronor, Stockholm
21.5 - 31.8., 2020

“From one day to the other we were only allowed to speak 300 words and write 100 words a day. To begin with we would run out of our quota before noon. Stories would stretch over weeks, arguments would drag on for days. Projections would appear in the mirror of silence. We’d been told the carbon dioxide we exhaled had become a pollutant, acidifying our soil and waters. Did our words contribute to an acoustic dissonance? Instead of making sentences we poured luminous liquid into their grammatical placeholders and looked at the patterns they created.”

Video in collaboration with Hanna Nilsson
Sound in collaboration with Alex Pierce
Clothes by Helena Manzano