“Wishing for More: City’s”, Schloss Salon zwei, Berlin, 2020 

Schloss Salon zwei
The Romance of the Rose
January 30, 2020, Berlin

Hosted by Sofia Leiby and Carla-Luisa Reuter
With readings by Ellen Yeon Kim, Matilda Tjäder, Carla-Luisa Reuter, Adrienne Herr
And paintings by Carla-Luisa Reuter and Moritz Grimm

Hand detail by Hanna Nilsson

“I work in a mall it’s called City’s, with an apostrophe. In City’s there are lots of different little shops and cafés, there are massage chairs dispersed all over the fucking place. It’s a flat one floor building, not like one of those erect tower blocks, that shuffle people in and out of their small shoeboxes, placing them at enough height to give them the sense of a bird’s perspective, a sense of freedom. I work in a mall it’s called City’s. It’s my daytime job. It’s where I’m seen during business hours on weekdays, and frankly most weekends. But I don’t work there for the money, I don’t work there for the convenience of a pay check by the end of each month, I don’t work there for the glam. I run the business. Ok? I’m the gatekeeper and permanent janitor. Under cover staff member. Always complemented for being on time, staying overtime. Employee of the month. Only difference is, this one has no life outside of the walls of the mall, City’s.”

“If the naughties gave everyone the opportunity to say visit my site, this is my site, welcome to my life, it’s my view, it’s my zoom - in and out of topics I like, find important, highlight, discuss, in the commentary field, some space for reflection, get me going. Then the last decade made every day-dreamer and part-time life-style employee a skilled entrepreneur; less of an option, less of a niche, more of a general representation of a spoonful events given three seconds each. Where’s the narrative. Where’s your narrative? Did we loose the plot? That’s exactly the mind-route I took before I entered the new decade with a new idea, new brand, and new building; that’s when I had City’s built in three seconds. The length of a story, a short bit of information, a debris of a context by nature. Like a reversed implosion of a building; diluting the concentration of matter and energy. So I hired a company that profits from demolishing buildings, judge me!”