“Wishing for More”, Amager Minigolf, Copenhagen, 2018

Performance as part of “LOW MOTION” - an exhibition on a minigolf course with works by Benedikte Bjerre, Asta Lynge, Gisa Pantel, Cecilie Skov and with readings and performances by Becket Mingwen, Matilda Tjäder, Louis Scherfig.

Amager Strand Minigolf
Dykkerstien 8, 2400 Copenhagen
26.05.- 27.05.18

“Let’s first think for a moment of what it takes to bake an idea. No solo genius–I can tell you that much. Frankly, in my research I’ve learned this; if you want to become successful with selling your ideas there can be no fear of failing. So think about it, psyche of doubt is a container and I’ve buried mine 2000 meters underground. Hear, how it squeaks.

Professor Challenger, don’t awake this giant creature, please.

Introducing the scaleable piggy bank, and the right tactics to know when and how to remove its rubber plug. We’re all here to find out how to fish out the golden nugget of our efforts. Whatever narrative or system you might want to create; remember your
preference. It’s your slice of genius. But keep in mind, a slice doesn’t make a loaf.

You feel weak for something, or strongly about a thing. Let’s avoid calling it desire, and for once erase all oedipal notions to replace them with let’s say, more octopoid capacities.

We all have our preferences. And I’ve put investment into mine.”