WANNA KISS MYSELF, Audra Festival, Kaunas, 2024

WANNA KISS MYSELF is a four channel installation and sound piece that consists of an orchestra of electronic dance music genres such as UK garage and drum and bass-here stripped off their bass, drums and synthesizers – left only with the vocals and lyrics, often already sampled from elsewhere. Commissioned by Audra Festival's 2024 edition and reflecting on the themes of islands and rave-culture, the work considers these voices as an ambience of their own and as portals into a night that once took place. Whether it be full sentences, murmurs or atmospheric singing these haunted and often familiar voices build a ghost-like choir. The vocal stems have been removed from their original tracks through AI-software and been mixed/mastered into a four-channel original composition by the artist.

Commissioned by Audra Festival 2024. Image from inside the sound installation by Lukas Mykolaitis.