“The Greenhouse”, fictional piece, sink.sexy, 2019 

The text explores the life of a fictive entrepreneur whose subjective form is increasingly fragmented by continuous transformation. Learning and un-learning from its environment, its subjectivity—like water—flows, seduces, and breaks. A void opens onto another zone in which a new map is drawn, “but remember, the map is not the territory.” The Greenhouse is part of the Wishing for More-cycle and was commissioned by sink.sexy in 2019. 

“The sun is a feather. One day it falls from the sky like a chick, kicked out from its nest. The feather swirls in the wind, and when it finally hits the ground, the only thing left from it is its shaft. The shaft soon decays and is eventually replaced by an inhuman eye. Sometimes it weeps, for all that it has to see. When it sleeps, darkness falls over the entire planet. But in the Greenhouse, the temperature and light remain constant and moderate.”

Full text available in English and Italian

Wishing for More-logo in collaboration with Felix Riemann