“The Ghostwriter and The Lipservant”, Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels, 2019

Performance and sound piece as part of the group exhibition “This future is unthinkable. Yet here we are, thinking it”

Curated by Juliette Desorgues

With Rebecca Ackroyd, Simon Brossard & Julie Villard, Carcrash, Botond Keresztesi, Roxanne Maillet, Pakui Hardware, Vanessa da Silva, Anna Solal, Matilda Tjäder.
Performances by Carcrash, Roxanne Maillet and Matilda Tjäder

Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels
11.01. - 01.02., 2019

“So, what’s going on here?

I am toying with the idea to turn my theme park into that social- innovation hub you can return to, on a daily basis. Without losing time. Bring your friends, colleagues, interns, kids, pets, and together–wish for more. Knead the dough together. I tell you this much; at the core of my spiral, the ethics of infinite unfolding rest. Peacefully, perpetually– wishing for more. It requires zero effort to participate and is further a practical detour from that dreadful sin of ours: greed. Which I’d like to call “a bottomless pit exhausting the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction”. I’ve replaced the pits with portals. Holes. Zones. Lubricated gateways if you like.”

“Wishing for more, is a yearning for a more equitable narrative of winning. A collective fabulation of other realities. Shall we not just stop caressing the limitations of our collective imaginations? “Wishing for more (...)”– fill in the blanks yourself.”