“The Ghost Piano”, from the album “Thou who holds but owns not”, TLTRPress, Berlin, 2020 

Thou who holds but owns not
sound poetry
from March to June 2020
Collected by Adrienne Herr

With works by Jessica Rae Elsaesser, Matthew Doyle, manuel arturo abreu, Adrienne Herr, Sanna Helena Berger, Zoe Darsee, zan de parry, Vi Khi Nao, Matilda Tjäder, Cecilie Nørgaard, Miriam Kongstad + Alexander Holm, Nat Marcus (NM), and Zoe Brezsny.

Album drawings by Marie Lea Lund 
Released by TLTRPreß
Full album available on Bandcamp

Thanks to Charles Verni for delay tailoring 'The Ghost Piano'
Mastered by Daniel Tjäder