“The Double, Shadow, and Enemy (The Notebook Episode)”, LACA (Los Angeles Contemporary Archive), Los Angeles, 2019

A new performance in the wishing for more cycle; a performance series by a fictive entrepreneur whose subjective form is increasingly fragmented by continuous transformation. Learning and un-learning from its environment, its subjectivity—like water—flows, seduces, and breaks. A void opens onto another zone in which a new map is drawn, “but remember, the map is not the territory.” Taking place in the midst of sound and visuals, each episode draws from its site-specificity whilst rendering the invisible visible. With a bouquet of nettles, she welcomes you to her chamber.

The performance marked the culmination of a residency at LACA (Los Angeles Contemporary Archive) in April 2019 and a reiteration of a performance shown at The Geffen Contemporary earlier that month during the LAABF 2019.

Clothes by Helena Manzano
Sound in collaboration with Alex Pierce
Sleeve by Felix Riemann