“Sonata Variation”, edit for Sanna Helena Berger’s “A movement”, Cherche Encore, 2021 

Sonata variation for “A movement” by Sanna Helena Berger
Video by Sanna Helena Berger
Original choreography by Efva Lilja
Original footage by Efva Lilja
Released on Cherche Encore, 2021
Full album available via Cherche Encore’s Bandcamp

A movement is a 10 piece suite. 5 original compositions by Sanna Helena Berger and 5 interpretations by artists Ewa Awe, Hoyah, Alise Sofie Rainer, Matilda Tjäder and Berger herself. The movement grows with the corresponding videos which score the sounds with gestures and choreography by Veronica Bruce and Karoline Bakke Lund, Efva Lilja, Shade Théret, Mikhail Baryshnikov sampled and Berger herself.