"Clones", album, commissioned by HTSU Coop, 2022

“Clones” is an album and fictional piece scored into a sonic narrative of 20 tracks/ chapters. 

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“Clones” tells the story of a never-ending winter from the perspective of a narrator and her experience of dreaming in multiple states. In the absence of shifting seasons, dreaming becomes the primary state of transformation.

In four-hour daily cycles, this narrator wakes up, falls asleep, and dreams amidst a pervasive hum that takes possession of her body and summons a familiar visitor. Together, these bodies exist somewhere and elsewhere, gliding through landscapes while nurturing their fading memories into a new figuration.

When recognizable cycles disappear, new patterns appear. Taking place in a moment frozen in time, “Clones” documents the memories of two sources and of a symbiosis becoming parasitical.


“Clones” is a fictional piece written and scored into a sonic narrative by Matilda Tjäder. The work was commissioned and produced by HTSU Cooperative.

All works written, composed and produced by Matilda Tjäder
Commissioned by HTSU Cooperative
Co-produced, mastered and mixed by Daniel Tjäder
Recording assistance: Daniel Tjäder & Niklas Tjäder 
Flute on track #11 and #19: Angelina Petrovic

Image: Sanna Helena Berger
CD design: Ewa Poniatowska
Website design and Clones logo: Aurélien Potier
Editing and proofreading: Annie Goodner and Louis Mason

Thanks to: Wesleykyrkan i Limhamn, Gianmaria and Annie (HTSU) and to my brother Daniel – for your patience.

With support from the Swedish Arts Council. 

Release date: April 8, 2022