“City’s” with Ewa Awe, Sweetwater, Berlin, 2021

Audio file on USB card (8 minutes, 40 seconds)
In collaboration with Ewa Awe 

“...and then I woke up, to the same darkness, with marks on my palms, from my clenching fists and my nails’ imprints. It was like a pattern, of an eye or something. I looked into it and out of my palm a round sphere arose. It looked like a commercial center of some kind. A mall perhaps. There was an entrance. Above it a sign, it read: 


Group exhibition with Farah Al Qasimi, Monika Baer, Christa Dichgans, HC, Gaby Sahhar, Ari Sariannidis, Hanna Stiegeler, Matilda Tjäder & Ewa Awe

Sweetwater, Berlin
July 10, 2021 – August 14, 2021

“Big cities are targets because people admire them. Like a magnet to gravitate towards. For interaction. It’s a push and pull that embodies those who inhabit it.”

“Find a pulse through these nodes, with your headphones on the speed becomes levelled and your own breath is concealed by the city’s bass.”

“The city becomes your real-time music video, a one-liner and a million contradicting feelings at once. We all have a psychotic relationship to the cities we live in.”

“There’s this old saying, that once you’ve reached City’s there’s no need to return back. She’s like a thinking machine, programmed to please your needs, she’s like a custom made divination, serving you all your prophecies in paper-wrapped lies.”

“City’s is all eyes and ears, but it’s pleasant. Nothing escapes and everything gets fixed instantly. Reversed into its natural order by the return of dawn.”