“Speed of an Arrow”, 2024

Written & produced by Matilda Tjäder
Mixed & mastered by Daniel Tjäder
Released by Country Music on July 4, 2024
Music video by Jakob Ohrt
・゚: *

do you believe in destiny?
in angels or in deities?
in ghosts or in demons?
in magnetism or rules of attraction?

I’m really making an effort to describe
a moment of synchronicity
of parallel frames spilling into
one, continuous scene
and through the perspective
of a bird, God, or other celestial being
we witness its protagonists from above
making sense of it all

・゚: *

I fly my time like an arrow
like in a supply chain
I abstract from all these hands

once I shoot I can let go
(there's just not one way bow)
for this matter of logistics

there’s just so many banana flies
I wonder
did we leave something rotten behind?

II: she said come back
and I’ll make your words travel
with the speed of an arrow :II